Zinc Financial has become one of the industries fastest growing and most highly regarded Mortgage Broker and Financial Planning companies.

How Zinc was established

The corporation was established by a number of Executive Bankers wishing to pass on their more than 40 years collective banking knowledge to every Australian to ensure they have access to receiving the highest level of professional guidance and knowledgeable advice.

Unlike most mortgage broking companies, Zinc representatives exhibit the necessary expertise to thoroughly evaluate your current financial position and indentify suitable home and investment loan structures to meet your longer term financial objectives.

  • Established by Executive Bankers
  • 40 years collective banking knowledge
  • Assisted thousands of people
  • Winners of AREFG and R&H Industry Awards the past 3 years
  • Nominated for Australian Mortgage Awards 2008 & 2009

How Zinc was established

This boutique Financial Services business has assisted thousands of people from first home buyers to sophisticated property investors. We fully appreciate your home is often your single biggest asset and we have the knowledge and passion to structure non tax effective debt in the most effective means possible and help minimize unnecessary interest costs.

From our first time property investors to high net worth clients building extensive property portfolios, we have a comprehensive understanding of suitable vehicle to acquire residential or commercial property utilizing equity in current property, savings and even now Super (via Self Managed Super Funds).

As a testimony to the exceptional service we provide our clients, the business and its representatives have received numerous awards. We have received the highest AREFG & R&H industry awards for the past 3 years along as well as recognition and nomination at the prestigious Australian Mortgage Awards in 2008 & 2009. However, most important to us if the feedback and compliments we receive from our clients and the fact that Zinc's rapid growth it reliant solely on referral business from very satisfied client (we don't advertise at all). We believe this is our biggest single complement and achievement.



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The home loan market doesn’t stand still. New products are launched almost every day. Your Zinc broker can compare and contrast several hundred different home loan products from the lenders on our panel to see which ones suit you and your goals.

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